Zody Executive Leather

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Zody Executive Leather
Zody Executive Leather
Zody Executive Leather
Zody Executive Leather
Zody Executive Leather
Zody Executive Leather

Zody Executive Leather

$1,829.12 Sale Save

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It's no wonder Zody has been our most popular chair for over a decade, with more than 3 million in use around the world. It’s also the first (and only) chair endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association. Upholstered in smooth, full-grain leather.


  • 4D Arms
  • Adjustable Seat Depth
  • Back Stop
  • Forward Tilt

Task Chair Ergonomics

Few things in the workplace evoke a stronger physical and emotional attachment than a person’s chair. It’s the center of work—and perhaps the single most important component of a healthy working environment. Haworth's ergonomic seating enables concentration and minimizes the distractions that stem from being uncomfortable.

Ergonomic Features

Back Support

The lumbar vertebrae provide some motion but are designed to support the weight of the upper body. It curves along your lower back to reduce strain and fatigue.

Easy Adjustments

Different height adjustment and seat depth adjustment options let you find just the right position for your height, size and preference. The right dimensions allows the postural
muscles to better support the body and bolster the neuromuscular system.

Customized Comfort

Adjust the arms up and down, side to side, front to back, and in and out. Back stop limits the degree of recline, and forward tilt keeps you supported if you want a slightly forward lean.

No Hard Edges

Designed with a waterfall seat, which means the front edge slopes down to relieve pressure on your knees and legs.

Built to last and covered by Haworth’s 12-year, 24/7 warranty.

Download the Haworth Warranty


At Office Interiors, we make conscious choices in sourcing our products. We partner with manufacturers who are world leaders in environmentally friendly products. Prioritizing responsible sourcing through our partnerships helps us better serve not just our customers but also our planet. 

Learn more about Haworth's eco-friendly practices below.


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Here's What People Think About Our Chairs


my first ergonomic chair – wow!!!!

extremely comfy with so many features for a reasonable price. very happy i didn't spend upwards of $1000. also very cool that it comes in a giant box, already assembled lmao


Very comfortable. I'm 6'1 & 170 lbs. I use it with my Haworth upside desk. Good quality, comes assembled, thanks!

Deb Mccreanor

great chiar

I was needing a good quality chair, this was an excellent choice, tons of adjustability and very comfortable. would recommend for anyone who sits for long periods at a desk.

Freda Belton

Great Quality

I didn't know how uncomfortable I was until I purchased this chair. Thank you for the quality cushion and backrest.

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