Jade 2.0 by Surgically Clean Air

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Jade 2.0 by Surgically Clean Air
Jade 2.0 by Surgically Clean Air
Jade 2.0 by Surgically Clean Air
Jade 2.0 by Surgically Clean Air
Jade 2.0 by Surgically Clean Air
Jade 2.0 by Surgically Clean Air

Jade 2.0 by Surgically Clean Air

$1,500.00 Sale Save

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As one of the world’s most advanced standalone commercial-grade air purifiers, Surgically Clean Air’s JADE™ is an air purification system that offers superior air cleaning through sophisticated filtration systems, high volume airflow capacity and lower sound levels.

Here’s what sets these systems apart:

  • Robust technology 

Made with premium steel construction, visual sensors for real-time air quality monitoring and a multi-stage filtration system.

The filters on JADE™2.0 have been independently tested to capture greater than 99.9% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns.

  • Whisper quiet

Equipped with noise-cancellation capabilities through a sound-dampening design that enables the devices to operate at a range of 37 dB – 58 dB. It’s quieter than most household dishwashers and helps keep your team on task without any auditory distractions.

  • Moves a lot of air 

Easily cleans and purifies large spaces with multiple air changes per hour.

  • Low Operating Cost

If you combine robust technologies and the capability to move a large volume of air, these systems have the lowest cost per cubic foot of air cleaned over five years.​

Want to learn more about the Jade 2.0?

Ten to fifteen (10-15) business days from date of order.

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Jade 2.0 by Surgically Clean Air

Jade 2.0 by Surgically Clean Air

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